Girls Camp 2017 (Indy North Stake)

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Hey Guys!! I’m so proud of myself for posting four weeks in a row and I think I’m killing it on these blog posts! Anyway, I hope you guys have been enjoying the recent blog posts and today is going to be like the one I did a few weeks ago, but now I actually have pictures! I’m going to talk about my experience at Camp Redwing.

This year was probably my favorite year and I said it last year too, but nah this year is for sure my favorite. I met so many new friends and everyone was so positive and I just loved being around everyone.

This year because we changed campgrounds, we had a lot more opportunities to do stuff, so this year we got to do archery and the 2nd years had the chance to shoot bb guns and the 4th got to go canoeing. So, everyone had a lot of fun this year. This was such a blessing to change campsites so I loved changing campsites. Also, every year had their own campsites and I freaking loved the third year campsite. All our leaders were really fun and nice too.

As you can see I had such a great time and cant wait to go next year. I really love the campgrounds we went to, even though I wasn’t sure about it before. I’m really glad I got to go.

I hope you guys liked the blog post and hearing my experience. I cant believe I actually survived Girls Camp this year. If you guys did like the blog post be sure to like it and follow my blog for more posts like this.

Travel Guide for Little Nashville


Hey guys! I feel like I’m doing really well on putting up blog posts. I know they are just about my life, but I PROMISE something really fun will be coming next week and I think you guys will really like it. But today I’m going to be writing about my day in Nashville, Indiana. We went there a few weeks ago but I still wanted to post about it and tell you about a few places you guys should go.

So we went on a Tuesday, so it wasnt super busy like it would be on a weekend. I would suggest going on a Wednesday because a lot of things are closed on Tuesday, but going during the week is best.

Amazing Restaurants in Nashville:

  • Common Grounds- it’s a coffee shop and it’s super cozy. Everyone is really nice there and they have board games and it just feels like your at your house because it’s just super comfy. (you can refer back to my first picture because we were playing scrabble there)
  • Brozinni’s Pizza- There is a lot of pizza places in Nashville and Big Woods is probably the most popular because Brozinni’s just opened but, Big Woods isn’t as good as Brozzini’s. There calzones are so good and everyone there is pretty nice. So would highly recommend
  • Big Woods Brewing Company- So I know I just said they werent as good as Brozzini’s, but that’s just if you are going to get pizzas. The appetizer’s that you are served are SOO good and really big for the prices. It’s not super expensive for the size. So, if you are planning on getting a pizza go to Brozinni’s, but if everything else go here. Not to mention they have homemade rootbeer and it’s to die for.

I have been to more restaurants there, but these are the best. I’ve been to the Hobnob, but it’s not very good for the prices that they charge and size that they give you. There ice cream shops there are all really good too, and everyone working there are really nice too.

There are so many shopping places and boutiques that they are all so cute. For some reason in Little Nashville there is a lot of leather shops so, if you want some leather jackets or anything leather go here. There are lots different shops too. If you want Native American things there is a store for that. What about a store all about nuts? that too. You can literally find anything there.

If you just want to see nature and shop for a day this is the city to go. It’s in Brown County so of you go during the fall it will be all orange and really pretty (almost like a movie). If you go during the winter or christmas months it’s decorated with a big christmas tree in the square and it’s just really cute.

No matter what season you go to it’s super cute and no matter where you turn you will find a new store that you have never been to because so many stores are coming in and going. It’s just always changing and that’s why I love it.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this little travel guide to Nashville, Indiana. I went there and had a great time. I had a bug bite on m eye at the time that’s why my left eye is closed more than my right, but I had an amazing time with my aunt and grandparents and every time I go there is something new to try or look at. If you want to see more travel guides just comment and like this blog post to let me know!

5 Outfit Ideas for Back to School

IMG_1266Hey Guys! I’m so excited for this week’s blog post because it’s in collaboration with Just One More. They are an online jewelry store that donates 1% of your guys purchases to charity. They even let YOU choose one of their 5 nationally accredited non-profits, like; National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, The Conservation Fund, Building Homes for Heroes, and National Eating Disorders Association. JOM actually sent me a few jewelry pieces and I came up with a few Back to School outfits based upon them. All the outfits turned out super cute and I just love all of them. I know nobody wants to think about going back to school (trust me I dont either), BUT everyone loves shopping for going back to school, they just don’t like going to school. So, with this being said let’s just jump into all the outfits.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1This is the first outfit and this is honestly my favorite outfit from the bunch. The item I am showing off in this outfit is the That’s a Wrap!- Black/Multi choker necklace. I paired the choker with a white shirt and distressed overalls. I got the shirt from Target and overalls from a boutique in Nashville, Indiana. This outfit is really simple, but oh my goodness is it cute.

IMG_1273FullSizeRender_2The second I came up with is pretty simple, but pretty adorable. I put the Gotta Find Donald bracelet with a thrifted striped button down tucked into a pair of Gap shorts. This outfit is super comfy and I love the pop of color the bracelet brings to the outfit with the pink and blue tassels.

IMG_1274FullSizeRender_3The third outfit is my second favorite and I just love this sweatshirt so much. This bracelet is one of my favorite piece of jewelry that they sent me and it’s called Blue Moon. It’s super cute and I love the little elephant charms on it. I paired the bracelet with a London sweatshirt that my mom brought back from my brother’s senior trip that they took and I just put the shorts on from the last outfit. I love this outfit so much and it’s comfy, but super cute.

IMG_1270FullSizeRender_4This outfit is super cute and it looks like I just got down painting a house, but I love it. I paired this marbled turquoise bracelet called She’s a Creeper. It’s super dainty and can elevate any outfit. I paired the Nashville boutique overalls with a thifted shirt. It’s super cute and I just love overalls as you can tell.

IMG_1267FullSizeRender_5The last outfit is literally my go to outfit. It’s super cute and simple, but I don’t know I just really like it. The bracelet I’m wearing is Shells optional and it’s super cute. It has turquoise beads with a mermaid charm on it. I’m wearing a Forever 21 striped shirt with American Eagle jeans and I always wear my white converse with this outfit too. This may have been the last outfit, but it was one of the cutest.

So, I hope you guys liked the blog post and these outfits. I would just like to thank Just One More for sending me these and collaborating with me. I had such a fun time collaborating with you guys and would love to do it again. If you do end up buying one of their pieces of jewelry, dont forget to tag me if you buy one of the ones they sent me and, of course dont forget to tag JOM. Be sure to like, comment, follow, and come back next week for the blog post that will go up because I think you guys will love it!

Girls Camp 2017 (New Albany Stake)

Hey guys! I know I havent posted in a while, it’s because I went to my grandparents house planning on blogging my time there. When I was there my computer died and so I couldn’t blog.

Today I am going to write about my time at Girls Camp with the New Albany Stake. And if you guys didnt know I am Mormon so, if you didnt know now you know. When I was there I didnt really know anyone except for the girls in my grandparents branch. I had a great time and made lots of friends. I really enjoyed going and I want to go back next year for sure! Especially since it will be my kit year.

The friends I met are; Julia, Emily, and Aerie. They are so nice and I love talking to them. They are so real with everyone and I just really liked their presence. When I was there Julia, Emily, and I would go to the pavilion that was at the camp and just sit there and talk. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it. They made my time there a lot better.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. I know it was bland and I didnt tell you much, but if you guys want more just like it or tell me in the comments. I really enjoyed going and totally want to go back next year so maybe youll hear about next years too. Thanks for reading the blog post I will have more blog posts coming for sure now that my computer is charged!

Homemade Donuts


Hey Guys!! Hope you are having an amazing day and great summer! Sorry I’ve been gone for a super long time. I have just been so busy with school and finals, but since it’s summer I can finally put more blog posts on my blog!

Today’s blog post is about homemade donuts. Now they aren’t the most pretty thing, but they are delicious. I’m sure they’re are videos out there for making them but for all the people who learn by reading you have come to the right place.

Making homemade doughnuts are really easy and fun to do with the whole family. If you are camping you can also do this same thing on a fire with a dutch oven instead of a deep pan. When you are making these they are super yummy and everyone will love them!


  • Biscuit dough (doesn’t matter what kind)
  • Vegetable Oil

Optional Ingredients:

  • Confectioners sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • White Sugar

How to make them:

  • Heat your Vegetable Oil in a deep pan on medium high heat
    • To help your oil not to burn let your pan heat up a little bit before putting it in and start off medium and work your way up. If it starts to smell like something is burning and your donuts are burning really fast putting the stove on a lower heat will help.
  • Start rolling your biscuit dough in your hand to make small balls.
    • If you want to make doughnut rings take a small round cookie cutter and press it into the middle or if you don’t have a small cookie cutter use a teaspoon and press it into the middle and pop it out.
  • Once the oil has heated up put biscuit dough into oil.
  • Flip dough over once golden around the edges.
  • Allow the dough to sit in oil long enough to get to a dark golden color on both sides, but not  to burn
  • Let donuts rest a little bit then toss in confectioners sugar for a powdered doughnut or you mix together white sugar and cinnamon for a cinnamon roll doughnut.
  • Shake off extra powder on donuts and enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed learning how to make homemade doughnuts and will for sure try it out. Since it is summer, if you are bored you can make a whole lot of these and then eat them. They are really good and I’m just saying you should totally make some for your family.

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed and be sure to come back and follow this blog because I’m going to uploading every week over the summer! I hope you guys will follow to be notified when I upload so you wont ever miss another blog post!

5 Outfit Ideas for Spring/Summer

Hey Guys! I decided to do something that I haven’t really done before and it is showing 5 outfit ideas for Spring or Summer. I picked different outfits for everyone’s taste; From fancy to casual. I hope you guys enjoy!

FullSizeRender (2)This outfit is pretty casual, but cute as well. The shirt is from forever 21, jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch, and my shoes are from converse (which you can get pretty much anywhere).  I also really love that the jeans are distressed at the ankle and that you can wear this almost anywhere.

FullSizeRender (4)This outfit is super cute and I love that you could change the shirt but it will still go with the dress. The dress is from TJMax, along with the shirt. You cant really see the shoes I am wearing, but I am wearing Birkenstocks. I wore a dress and tied a shirt into a knot and I really love this outfit because if you are feeling a little more fancy but you dont want to go all out, this outfit is perfect.

FullSizeRenderThe third outfit is one you have seen before but I wanted to include it because it’s very summery/springy and I just love it. The shirt is from goodwill, the cardigan is from Urban Outfitters, and my jeans are from Abercrombie and Fitch. The shoes went really well with the outfit and added just the perfect amount of bling because they had jewels in them. I forget where I got them but I’m sure you can find bejeweled sandals anywhere. I also tied the shirt into a knot like before.

FullSizeRender (1)I do love all these outfits because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have worn them, but this outfit is my absolute favorite. It’s just so cute and adorable. I got the shirt from again, Abercrombie and Fitch. The Romper, yes a romper, is from target. My shoes are white Converse. I layered a graphic tee over the romper and tied it in a knot because I would have gotten dress coded at school, but it’s still cute either way. I added braids to the outfit too because I thought it completed the look, but honestly having your hair down or in a bun would be SUPER cute.

FullSizeRender (3)This outfit is very simple and I love wearing it when I want to look put together, but also comfy. I layered a white shirt, from Target, under a Cardigan, from Urban Outfitters, to keep me warm since it was kinda cold that day and just make the look more complex, but comfy. I love this cardigan and whenever I wear it, I just feel like I am wearing a blanket. The jeans are the same as the before, there from Abercrombie and Fitch. No, this blog post isnt sponsored by them, but it would be amazing if they were! So, if you guys can help me contact them to get them to sponsor me that would be GREAT. The shoes are the same as the last outfit. My hair was also getting greasy that day so I just pulled up my hair and it actually looked good with the outfit.

Hope you guys liked these type of blog posts because I will probably be doing more of these types of posts so, I hope you like them!

Spring Break 2017 | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Hey Guys! Long time no see and I’m sorry I literally did nothing and had no ideas until after spring break. I got back a few days ago and today I’m showing all the pictures I took this year from spring break and what we did!

So this year I took so many pictures its unbelievable. But I had such a great time and it was so much fun. When we were there we went to the beach. Me and my brother went boogie boarding. Let me tell you, the water was sooo cold but after awhile you got used to it. We also went on the pier and it was my first time EVER on a pier even though we have been going to the same beach for like 5 years. I dont know I’m just glad I finally got to go on a pier so I though it was really fun.

Me and my family also got to take a surfing lesson too! It was so much fun and if you want to take a lesson i’ll link it here. When we were surfing the instructor gives you an out of water lesson and then you can get into the water and ride some waves with the instructor helping you and encouraging you. It was really great and I think everyone had fun. I now want to buy a soft top surf board just so I can get better at surfing. I was the first one to catch a wave out of everyone and I was so surprised because I never get anything first so this was an accomplishment for me and I’ve always wanted to know how to!

On our last full day there we also went to the Broadway or we call it the boardwalk but apparently it’s called Broadway on the beach or something like that. I didn’t really pay attention as you can tell. When we were there we road the ferris wheel and went into all the shops and it was really fun but I wasn’t feeling very good so I just wanted my bed and to go home to sleep. But otherwise I had a fun time at Myrtle Beach and I just love to go there. Fun Fact: My favorite city in South Carolina is Charleston and we were supposed to go to Charleston on this trip but my mom started throwing up the day we were supposed to go so we didnt end up going but it’s cool. We can just go another time.

Anyway, hope you guys liked this blog post. I know it was kinda long but a lot happened this year for spring break, but I also did a travel diary if you want to see a shorter version of me showing what I did over Spring Break. I had a great time so, I had to tell you guys! Hope you guys enjoyed and come back for the next blog post!

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