Spring Break 2017 | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Hey Guys! Long time no see and I’m sorry I literally did nothing and had no ideas until after spring break. I got back a few days ago and today I’m showing all the pictures I took this year from spring break and what we did!

So this year I took so many pictures its unbelievable. But I had such a great time and it was so much fun. When we were there we went to the beach. Me and my brother went boogie boarding. Let me tell you, the water was sooo cold but after awhile you got used to it. We also went on the pier and it was my first time EVER on a pier even though we have been going to the same beach for like 5 years. I dont know I’m just glad I finally got to go on a pier so I though it was really fun.

Me and my family also got to take a surfing lesson too! It was so much fun and if you want to take a lesson i’ll link it here. When we were surfing the instructor gives you an out of water lesson and then you can get into the water and ride some waves with the instructor helping you and encouraging you. It was really great and I think everyone had fun. I now want to buy a soft top surf board just so I can get better at surfing. I was the first one to catch a wave out of everyone and I was so surprised because I never get anything first so this was an accomplishment for me and I’ve always wanted to know how to!

On our last full day there we also went to the Broadway or we call it the boardwalk but apparently it’s called Broadway on the beach or something like that. I didn’t really pay attention as you can tell. When we were there we road the ferris wheel and went into all the shops and it was really fun but I wasn’t feeling very good so I just wanted my bed and to go home to sleep. But otherwise I had a fun time at Myrtle Beach and I just love to go there. Fun Fact: My favorite city in South Carolina is Charleston and we were supposed to go to Charleston on this trip but my mom started throwing up the day we were supposed to go so we didnt end up going but it’s cool. We can just go another time.

Anyway, hope you guys liked this blog post. I know it was kinda long but a lot happened this year for spring break, but I also did a travel diary if you want to see a shorter version of me showing what I did over Spring Break. I had a great time so, I had to tell you guys! Hope you guys enjoyed and come back for the next blog post!

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Adalynn’s Adorable 1st Birthday






Hey Guys! Today I’m going to write about the day I went to my baby cousin’s first birthday party. It was on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, but I was really busy all weekend so I couldn’t write about it until now.

When we got there (because the party started at 2:00) we saw everyone getting Adalynn ready and the food ready because we showed up early. And when everyone got there we ate the food AND IT WAS SOO GOOD!! Everything there was really good except for the sweets. I didnt really like the cake or cookies, but they were super pretty, but yeah they werent very good.

Adalynn was adorable and cute when trying to smash her smash cake, but the frosting was too thick so it wasnt really messy and she didnt get super into it. She got lots of presents and it was really fun. The only annoying part about it was that Adalynn’s grandma (my aunt’s mom) wouldnt keep leaving me lone about the classes I was doing next year for highschool. Other than that though it was fun.

I hope you guys liked this blog post and comment what you want to see other than Day in my Lifes because I’m trying to think of things I just cant though! I’m also getting kinda bored of them too, but anyway hope you guys liked it and follow my blog so you can get updates when I post new blog posts!

Girl’s Day Out



Hey Guys!! So, my resolution of blogging more is doing really well and I hope you guys are enjoying them. Today I’m going to tell you about my day today. It was really fun and we did a lot of cool things today.

I started my day off by going to Patachou. I had croissant French Toast and it was so good. My mom got a salmon bagel with an arugula on the side. After, we walked around and I took pictures of my mom. We left and went to pick up balloons for her work. We got the balloons and left to go to her work and setup to make it look really fun since it was a really day today.

When we got to her work nobody really showed up for a while but, there was one family that showed up and their son kept watching what I was doing and it was very weird and I felt very uncomfortable. The whole day nobody really came in, but that’s ok, I still had fun.

That was pretty much all I did today it wasnt much but, I just felt like blogging and telling what I did. So, I hope you guys enjoyed and come back next time for the next blog post.

5 Ways To Get Over Travel Fever

Hey Guys! So I have noticed that recently I have been looking at beach pictures and having Travel Fever and, I don’t if this is an actual thing but…. I’m making it a thing. So, I’ve been wishing to go on vacation for a while and looking at artsy vacation pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. While I have been staring at these pictures I have thought of ideas to get over it. So let’s get started with the list.

1. Go on your own little adventure with one of your friends! S0 I tried this and this definitely cured your “fever” for a while until like 2-3 weeks go by. This could just be going to a Nature Park and walking around taking pictures in fact thats what me and my friend did. It doesnt have to be far it could be your local park a forest. Honestly anything you can find beauty it can take your mind off of it.

2. Take Pictures! Me and my friend did the last option and we just took lots of pictures and if you take lots of pictures you can keep posting pictures for over a week depending on how many pictures you take. We took tons of pictures and I am still posting pictures from 2 weeks again on my instagram.

3. Try a new restaurant. This one may seem odd but, trust me.. it’s not it is VERY necessary. If you have never tried this restaurant you might as well try it I mean there’s a chance to take pictures and that was one of my options so you can do double the trouble (but really it’s just helping you sooo, more like double the FUN!). But, this could again take your mind off of taking a vacation and sometimes the restaurant could transform you into a different world sometimes so that’s what I mean by trying a new restaurant. It can be fun and a new experience and… Who knows you could make a ton of new experiences with a good friend.

4. Visit a “landmark” in your city. You can visit a “famousish” spot in your city or a little park or museum. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be whatever amount you want to spend but, the less money the better. Either way you will always make great memories and find experiences you will never forget.

5. For the last one I wanted to make it really obvious. So, It’s to GO ON THE VACATION! If you have been wanting to go on vacation and you are starting to hate everything you probably need a vacation. Even if you haven’t been waiting for a long time just go! Sometimes you need to be spontaneous so just do it!

Those are my tips to help you get over your “travel fever”. Mainly all you have to do is find ways to take your mind off of it and take pictures and make memories. For me that’s really easy but, I know for some people it’s hard but, I love to do things with friends and whenever you have friends you will always make memories if you have a great friend who doesn’t care how weird you are. But, I hope you like my tips and they are helpful to you!

Top 5 Best Memories of 2016 and my 2017 Resolutions


Hey Guys hope you are enjoying the New Year so far. Today I am going to be talking about my best memories of 2016 and my resolutions that I have for the year.

My Top 5 best memories:

  • Trying new foods. I tried lots of new foods this year. I got the chance to try escargot (which is french for snails), lots of different types of sushi, and many other foods.
  • Visit old friends. I had the chance to visit my old gymnastics gymnasium with my best friend Anna. Sadly, there wasn’t anyone there because they weren’t practicing but, my friend Madison was there with her mom and, so she let us do our old routines and mess around the gym. It was so fun and can’t wait to go back to see everyone again.
  • Made lots of new friends. I made so many amazing friends this year. I met Kaitlin at school and, now we are super close. I also met lots of new and amazing friends at Girls’ Camp. Girls’ Camp is a camp all the young women in our stake go to during the summer.
  • Go King’s Island for the first time. It was so fun and the second time I got to go to an amusement park. It was super fun and, so glad I had the chance to stay all day and ride all the rides.
  • Visit the Beach. I love the beach and so glad that I have the chance to visit my grandpa who lives in Myrtle Beach so, we always get to go for Spring Break. I also got to film a Travel Diary that I have on my YouTube channel. I am honestly so proud of it too so you should go check it out.
  • Bonus Memory because I totally forgot about it and I love this one so, I started diving. I got the chance to start a new sport and I chose diving. I really love it too. I have been doing it for a few months now and I have learned so many new dives just in a short amount of time. I have also done my first meets and they are so much fun.


My 2017 Resolutions:

  • Travel more. I want to travel a lot this year it may not happen because I’m only a teen but, I want to try.
  • Tone my body. I already workout a little bit but, I am losing my strength from gymnastics and I want to get it back.
  • Take more pictures. I love taking pictures and I want to take more of them to remember more things and I just love to edit pictures and love the experience of taking them.
  • I want to start writing in my journal again. I love writing in my journal and I have been watching so many videos on how to bullet journal and how to do that. So, I am really excited to start writing in my journal again.
  • I want to blog way more than I already am. I love to blog and I want to inspire more of you and I feel like I can reach out to lots of people and this is just one way to inspire people and, I love to inspire people so I would love to blog more.


So those were my resolutions for 2017 and my top 5 best memories of 2016. Hope you guys get inspiration out of this and, I challenge all of you guys to at least make one resolution that you think that you cant do but, I promise if you out your mind to it, you can do anything.

My Birthday | Blogmas 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

     Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t been posting that much i have super busy. I took on blogmas because I thought that I could do it and get behind but, I ended up not posting for like a week.

     Anyway, today I am going to be talking about what I did for my birthday. My birthday was yesterday Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

December 13, 2016

      My birthday started out by me waking up from my alarm. I then looked on social media on my phone. Then got up and did my beauty routine (if you want to see my morning or beauty routine TELL ME and I will do it). After all that I got dressed and my mom asked me if I if I wanted to get breakfast and I said “yes” because duh who wouldn’t? We were about to go to Starbucks when she gave my last present of that week… yes I do mean week. In my family we do birthday weeks except, it would have been the same if we just got presents on the actual birthday, aka we get one present everyday. Anyway back to what she gave me… I have been wanting this gift for awhile now and, i finally got it. I ripped the tissue paper out of the bag and saw the small box. The box was the 6s iphone, rose gold.

GUYS I FREAKED OUT!!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED.I opened it and got it all set up and everything. Then my mom and I went to Starbucks. I got a double chocolately chip frappe, which was a mistake. That was also the first time since the summer that I got a frappe, and it was a mistake. I also got a cranberry orange scone.

After Starbucks I went to school and did all my finals/ tests/ everything i needed to do and, after school I went home with my friend because we were going to go to a concert for my birthday present from her. We went to Jingle Jam and it had Daya, Jon Bellion, and Panic! at the Disco. It was really fun but, half the songs I didn’t know so I just stood there and, felt uncomfortable haha but, I got home around 11:45 pm and when I got home I went straight to bed because we got standing up seats so my legs really hurt. But otherwise it was a really good day and, I really enjoyed it.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post. I know I have missed a few days but, I hope I will get back on track with it. I am actually getting really sad because Christmas is next week and it feels like December has just pasted by. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed and come back for more everyday!

Winter Formal | Blogmas 2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sorry this is up pretty late in the day. I kinda forgot about it but, that’s okay because I remembered.

Today I am going to be writing about What I did yesterday or Saturday, December 3 because it was a really fun day. I am going to be writing it like a journal too so just be prepared for that too. One last thing, I did take pictures I just didn’t know if it would be okay if my friends would be fine with being on the internet so, I didn’t put any pictures in this blog post. Okay here we go…

Saturday December 3, 2016

The day started off pretty bad. I woke up and rushed to the hair salon to get my hair cut. Just to find out that we were late and that she could only do one of us.

The whole time was so weird she kept trying to make conversation with me but, I just didn’t really want to talk so I just gave her short answers. Not to mention that she just wasn’t putting a good vibe into the air either. She looked really mad and frustrated the whole time. So, that wasn’t very good but, after that was pretty good.

The rest of the day I was texting my friend who was coming over before formal and we would go together and meet my other there. I was watching YouTube the whole day while looking for hair ideas.

At like 6:30 my friend finally came over and we got ready and did our hair and nails and everything that you need to get glamorous. Then we took pictures in front of my Christmas tree and left.

We ended up going to the wrong boys and girls club and had to drive to the other one. We met up with our friends and partied. Then, that’s when the drama started to happen.

My friend that we met there liked this guy and some things just happened and people were crying and it was just so fun (I was being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell). But the night ended pretty good so that’s good.

When it was over we had to wait 18, YES 18 MINUTES AFTER THE STUPID DANCE. It was ridiculous even after we left there was still a huge line outside the dance. When we got home we started watching YouTube videos and, ended up watching slime videos and falling asleep.

It was a pretty good day other than the start of the day but, I really enjoyed the dance and this dance was last year but I wasn’t in the state on the day of the dance. I was in Chicago trying out for Masterchef JR. but, that is a whole other blog post.

I hope you guys liked today’s blog post and enjoyed what I did yesterday and again I’m sorry that I got it up so late but oh well. Follow my blog so you can get an update for everyday that I post because I am doing Blogmas.