My 5 Favorite Shirts

Hey Guys! Hope you guys are liking all the blog posts for August so far. I have a lot more planned so I hope you guys are excited!

Today I’m going to be talking about my 5 favorite shirts. Oh by the way dont forget to like this blog post and follow my blog so you can get notified when I post.

1. My favorite sweatshirt- I freaking love this sweatshirt. It’s so soft and it’s from London so that makes all the better (England is my city, for everyone who doesn’t know that reference I know England is a country it’s from a song)


2. My favorite button down- I literally love this shirt. It’s so airy and it just goes with everything. Plus when I wear it, it looks like I’m living in Florida living my best life.  FullSizeRender

3. My favorite Forever 21 shirt- So this shirt is from Forever 21 and it’s maroon and white striped. I love this shirt so much because of the color and it’s just freaking adorable. You know it’s also great for fall and white because it’s a thicker material too.FullSizeRender_3

4. My favorite graphic tee- I love this shirt because it’s so cute and the color makes me look tanner so that’s always a plus. Also the graphic on this shirt is super cute! FullSizeRender_4

5. My favorite grey shirt- You guys have seen this shirt before, but it’s my favorite, and I love it. I love the maroon on it and when fall comes it’s perfect for fall! FullSizeRender_1

I hope you guys liked this blog post and if you did give it a MASSIVE thumbs up and comment to let me know what you want for fall blog posts because it’s coming up and just blog posts in general. If you don’t want to miss a blog post hit the Follow button so you can get notified whenever I post. I hope you guys did really like it and come back next week for another blog post.


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