Back to School Haul

Hey guys! So I dont know if it’s common for bloggers to Hauls, but I honestly don’t care and I like hauls and I wanted to do one so I’m doing one. I know it back to school haul, but this is really just a ton of clothes that I got throughout the summer.

TJ MaxxFullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_7So I got these jeans from Tjmaxx and I absolutely love them. They fit me so well and they have maroon and red flowers embroidered onto them and they are just so cute! FullSizeRender_1I got this shirt also from tjmaxx and at first I wasnt about to buy because it was $8 (i know it’s cheap but for me, a person who shops at Goodwill, it wasn’t that cheap) except I was like I know I’m going to wear it all the time and it’s super soft so let’s just do it. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I BOUGHT IT. It really is super soft and it’s like Brandy Melville soft so you know it’s soft. It has little maroon and black stripes on it and it’s just SO CUTE! I absolutely love it and it’s amazing.

A random boutique in Nashville, IndianaFullSizeRender_5FullSizeRender_1You guys have seen these overalls so much lately, but I cant help it! They are absolutely fabulous and I love them. They were pretty expensive, $43, (literally I bet all of you are like “YOU ARE SO CHEAP” and I know I am, but hey I still bought them) but I have no regrets from buying them. I wear them all the time and I just love them. Oh and I didnt buy them, I know I say that, but my grandparents but them so thanks Nana and Pop.

A store in LondonFullSizeRender_2FullSizeRender_3Before anyone comments anything yes I know I don’t know where a lot of these items come from, but that’s okay because I doubt any of you guys are actually going to buy them. Anyway, I got this sweatshirt from my mom when she and my brother went to Europe. I really love it and the inside is super soft and I just think it’s adorable and I’m actually wearing it right now as I’m writing this.

IMG_1537I got these shorts from Walmart and can I be the first to say that they have stepped up on their clothing. These shorts are super good quality and I’ve been wearing them nonstop. They’re black (obviously) and they just go with everything and yeah I just love them.IMG_1538FullSizeRender (2)I got this headband from Walmart as well and I wore this everyday at Girls Camp. It’s Navy blue and it’s just really cute and I know for sure that I’ll wear it a lot during school.

Thrifted or from a Garage SaleFullSizeRender_3So, I got this from a garage sale and it’s a reference to the Breakfast Club and I love the sleeves. I just love everything about this shirt and it’s just super cute.FullSizeRender_4Before anyone writes about how it’s July and its not even close to December, I know, but it was a really good quality sweatshirt from Goodwill so if I see something I like I’m going to buy it despite of the month. I really like it and I know I will be wearing this during December and I just think it’s really cute.FullSizeRender_6FullSizeRender_2I’ve actually been looking for a shirt like this for awhile, but I couldn’t find one for a decent price or one that I actually liked so, when I found it at Goodwill I was like. SCORE! and immediately bought it. I think it’s super cute and I love that you can dress it up or dress it down depending on your mood. I dont know I just really like it.IMG_1534Okay so this is the last shirt and it’s from a garage sale and it say the moon and the stars in french with paint speckled everywhere with a moon. I really like this shirt and think it’s really cute and I love it.

Today, I also got these cute olive green shorts that are scalloped at the bottom for 9 dollars at Madewell (yes it was on sale) along with this t-shirt that was tan with black thin stripes that said Santa Cruz 1979 on it (it was also on sale). I didn’t get any pictures because I forgot before I made this but whatever you can get over it.

I hope you guys liked the blog post and want more blog posts like this. Sorry it’s going up a few hours later than normal I was out shopping (as you can see I like to go shopping). Like, comment and follow if you like this post and want to see more stuff like this. I’m really enjoying doing these planned blog posts that I’ve been doing lately with a mix of “diary” entries every once in awhile. Anyway come back next Thursday for another blog post and make sure to follow so you can get an email every time I post!


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