Girls Camp 2017 (Indy North Stake)

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Hey Guys!! I’m so proud of myself for posting four weeks in a row and I think I’m killing it on these blog posts! Anyway, I hope you guys have been enjoying the recent blog posts and today is going to be like the one I did a few weeks ago, but now I actually have pictures! I’m going to talk about my experience at Camp Redwing.

This year was probably my favorite year and I said it last year too, but nah this year is for sure my favorite. I met so many new friends and everyone was so positive and I just loved being around everyone.

This year because we changed campgrounds, we had a lot more opportunities to do stuff, so this year we got to do archery and the 2nd years had the chance to shoot bb guns and the 4th got to go canoeing. So, everyone had a lot of fun this year. This was such a blessing to change campsites so I loved changing campsites. Also, every year had their own campsites and I freaking loved the third year campsite. All our leaders were really fun and nice too.

As you can see I had such a great time and cant wait to go next year. I really love the campgrounds we went to, even though I wasn’t sure about it before. I’m really glad I got to go.

I hope you guys liked the blog post and hearing my experience. I cant believe I actually survived Girls Camp this year. If you guys did like the blog post be sure to like it and follow my blog for more posts like this.


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