Travel Guide for Little Nashville


Hey guys! I feel like I’m doing really well on putting up blog posts. I know they are just about my life, but I PROMISE something really fun will be coming next week and I think you guys will really like it. But today I’m going to be writing about my day in Nashville, Indiana. We went there a few weeks ago but I still wanted to post about it and tell you about a few places you guys should go.

So we went on a Tuesday, so it wasnt super busy like it would be on a weekend. I would suggest going on a Wednesday because a lot of things are closed on Tuesday, but going during the week is best.

Amazing Restaurants in Nashville:

  • Common Grounds- it’s a coffee shop and it’s super cozy. Everyone is really nice there and they have board games and it just feels like your at your house because it’s just super comfy. (you can refer back to my first picture because we were playing scrabble there)
  • Brozinni’s Pizza- There is a lot of pizza places in Nashville and Big Woods is probably the most popular because Brozinni’s just opened but, Big Woods isn’t as good as Brozzini’s. There calzones are so good and everyone there is pretty nice. So would highly recommend
  • Big Woods Brewing Company- So I know I just said they werent as good as Brozzini’s, but that’s just if you are going to get pizzas. The appetizer’s that you are served are SOO good and really big for the prices. It’s not super expensive for the size. So, if you are planning on getting a pizza go to Brozinni’s, but if everything else go here. Not to mention they have homemade rootbeer and it’s to die for.

I have been to more restaurants there, but these are the best. I’ve been to the Hobnob, but it’s not very good for the prices that they charge and size that they give you. There ice cream shops there are all really good too, and everyone working there are really nice too.

There are so many shopping places and boutiques that they are all so cute. For some reason in Little Nashville there is a lot of leather shops so, if you want some leather jackets or anything leather go here. There are lots different shops too. If you want Native American things there is a store for that. What about a store all about nuts? that too. You can literally find anything there.

If you just want to see nature and shop for a day this is the city to go. It’s in Brown County so of you go during the fall it will be all orange and really pretty (almost like a movie). If you go during the winter or christmas months it’s decorated with a big christmas tree in the square and it’s just really cute.

No matter what season you go to it’s super cute and no matter where you turn you will find a new store that you have never been to because so many stores are coming in and going. It’s just always changing and that’s why I love it.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this little travel guide to Nashville, Indiana. I went there and had a great time. I had a bug bite on m eye at the time that’s why my left eye is closed more than my right, but I had an amazing time with my aunt and grandparents and every time I go there is something new to try or look at. If you want to see more travel guides just comment and like this blog post to let me know!


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