5 Outfit Ideas for Back to School

IMG_1266Hey Guys! I’m so excited for this week’s blog post because it’s in collaboration with Just One More. They are an online jewelry store that donates 1% of your guys purchases to charity. They even let YOU choose one of their 5 nationally accredited non-profits, like; National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, The Conservation Fund, Building Homes for Heroes, and National Eating Disorders Association. JOM actually sent me a few jewelry pieces and I came up with a few Back to School outfits based upon them. All the outfits turned out super cute and I just love all of them. I know nobody wants to think about going back to school (trust me I dont either), BUT everyone loves shopping for going back to school, they just don’t like going to school. So, with this being said let’s just jump into all the outfits.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1This is the first outfit and this is honestly my favorite outfit from the bunch. The item I am showing off in this outfit is the That’s a Wrap!- Black/Multi choker necklace. I paired the choker with a white shirt and distressed overalls. I got the shirt from Target and overalls from a boutique in Nashville, Indiana. This outfit is really simple, but oh my goodness is it cute.

IMG_1273FullSizeRender_2The second I came up with is pretty simple, but pretty adorable. I put the Gotta Find Donald bracelet with a thrifted striped button down tucked into a pair of Gap shorts. This outfit is super comfy and I love the pop of color the bracelet brings to the outfit with the pink and blue tassels.

IMG_1274FullSizeRender_3The third outfit is my second favorite and I just love this sweatshirt so much. This bracelet is one of my favorite piece of jewelry that they sent me and it’s called Blue Moon. It’s super cute and I love the little elephant charms on it. I paired the bracelet with a London sweatshirt that my mom brought back from my brother’s senior trip that they took and I just put the shorts on from the last outfit. I love this outfit so much and it’s comfy, but super cute.

IMG_1270FullSizeRender_4This outfit is super cute and it looks like I just got down painting a house, but I love it. I paired this marbled turquoise bracelet called She’s a Creeper. It’s super dainty and can elevate any outfit. I paired the Nashville boutique overalls with a thifted shirt. It’s super cute and I just love overalls as you can tell.

IMG_1267FullSizeRender_5The last outfit is literally my go to outfit. It’s super cute and simple, but I don’t know I just really like it. The bracelet I’m wearing is Shells optional and it’s super cute. It has turquoise beads with a mermaid charm on it. I’m wearing a Forever 21 striped shirt with American Eagle jeans and I always wear my white converse with this outfit too. This may have been the last outfit, but it was one of the cutest.

So, I hope you guys liked the blog post and these outfits. I would just like to thank Just One More for sending me these and collaborating with me. I had such a fun time collaborating with you guys and would love to do it again. If you do end up buying one of their pieces of jewelry, dont forget to tag me if you buy one of the ones they sent me and, of course dont forget to tag JOM. Be sure to like, comment, follow, and come back next week for the blog post that will go up because I think you guys will love it!


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