Adalynn’s Adorable 1st Birthday






Hey Guys! Today I’m going to write about the day I went to my baby cousin’s first birthday party. It was on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, but I was really busy all weekend so I couldn’t write about it until now.

When we got there (because the party started at 2:00) we saw everyone getting Adalynn ready and the food ready because we showed up early. And when everyone got there we ate the food AND IT WAS SOO GOOD!! Everything there was really good except for the sweets. I didnt really like the cake or cookies, but they were super pretty, but yeah they werent very good.

Adalynn was adorable and cute when trying to smash her smash cake, but the frosting was too thick so it wasnt really messy and she didnt get super into it. She got lots of presents and it was really fun. The only annoying part about it was that Adalynn’s grandma (my aunt’s mom) wouldnt keep leaving me lone about the classes I was doing next year for highschool. Other than that though it was fun.

I hope you guys liked this blog post and comment what you want to see other than Day in my Lifes because I’m trying to think of things I just cant though! I’m also getting kinda bored of them too, but anyway hope you guys liked it and follow my blog so you can get updates when I post new blog posts!


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