Girl’s Day Out



Hey Guys!! So, my resolution of blogging more is doing really well and I hope you guys are enjoying them. Today I’m going to tell you about my day today. It was really fun and we did a lot of cool things today.

I started my day off by going to Patachou. I had croissant French Toast and it was so good. My mom got a salmon bagel with an arugula on the side. After, we walked around and I took pictures of my mom. We left and went to pick up balloons for her work. We got the balloons and left to go to her work and setup to make it look really fun since it was a really day today.

When we got to her work nobody really showed up for a while but, there was one family that showed up and their son kept watching what I was doing and it was very weird and I felt very uncomfortable. The whole day nobody really came in, but that’s ok, I still had fun.

That was pretty much all I did today it wasnt much but, I just felt like blogging and telling what I did. So, I hope you guys enjoyed and come back next time for the next blog post.


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