5 Ways To Get Over Travel Fever

Hey Guys! So I have noticed that recently I have been looking at beach pictures and having Travel Fever and, I don’t if this is an actual thing but…. I’m making it a thing. So, I’ve been wishing to go on vacation for a while and looking at artsy vacation pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. While I have been staring at these pictures I have thought of ideas to get over it. So let’s get started with the list.

1. Go on your own little adventure with one of your friends! S0 I tried this and this definitely cured your “fever” for a while until like 2-3 weeks go by. This could just be going to a Nature Park and walking around taking pictures in fact thats what me and my friend did. It doesnt have to be far it could be your local park a forest. Honestly anything you can find beauty it can take your mind off of it.

2. Take Pictures! Me and my friend did the last option and we just took lots of pictures and if you take lots of pictures you can keep posting pictures for over a week depending on how many pictures you take. We took tons of pictures and I am still posting pictures from 2 weeks again on my instagram.

3. Try a new restaurant. This one may seem odd but, trust me.. it’s not it is VERY necessary. If you have never tried this restaurant you might as well try it I mean there’s a chance to take pictures and that was one of my options so you can do double the trouble (but really it’s just helping you sooo, more like double the FUN!). But, this could again take your mind off of taking a vacation and sometimes the restaurant could transform you into a different world sometimes so that’s what I mean by trying a new restaurant. It can be fun and a new experience and… Who knows you could make a ton of new experiences with a good friend.

4. Visit a “landmark” in your city. You can visit a “famousish” spot in your city or a little park or museum. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be whatever amount you want to spend but, the less money the better. Either way you will always make great memories and find experiences you will never forget.

5. For the last one I wanted to make it really obvious. So, It’s to GO ON THE VACATION! If you have been wanting to go on vacation and you are starting to hate everything you probably need a vacation. Even if you haven’t been waiting for a long time just go! Sometimes you need to be spontaneous so just do it!

Those are my tips to help you get over your “travel fever”. Mainly all you have to do is find ways to take your mind off of it and take pictures and make memories. For me that’s really easy but, I know for some people it’s hard but, I love to do things with friends and whenever you have friends you will always make memories if you have a great friend who doesn’t care how weird you are. But, I hope you like my tips and they are helpful to you!


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