Top 5 Best Memories of 2016 and my 2017 Resolutions


Hey Guys hope you are enjoying the New Year so far. Today I am going to be talking about my best memories of 2016 and my resolutions that I have for the year.

My Top 5 best memories:

  • Trying new foods. I tried lots of new foods this year. I got the chance to try escargot (which is french for snails), lots of different types of sushi, and many other foods.
  • Visit old friends. I had the chance to visit my old gymnastics gymnasium with my best friend Anna. Sadly, there wasn’t anyone there because they weren’t practicing but, my friend Madison was there with her mom and, so she let us do our old routines and mess around the gym. It was so fun and can’t wait to go back to see everyone again.
  • Made lots of new friends. I made so many amazing friends this year. I met Kaitlin at school and, now we are super close. I also met lots of new and amazing friends at Girls’ Camp. Girls’ Camp is a camp all the young women in our stake go to during the summer.
  • Go King’s Island for the first time. It was so fun and the second time I got to go to an amusement park. It was super fun and, so glad I had the chance to stay all day and ride all the rides.
  • Visit the Beach. I love the beach and so glad that I have the chance to visit my grandpa who lives in Myrtle Beach so, we always get to go for Spring Break. I also got to film a Travel Diary that I have on my YouTube channel. I am honestly so proud of it too so you should go check it out.
  • Bonus Memory because I totally forgot about it and I love this one so, I started diving. I got the chance to start a new sport and I chose diving. I really love it too. I have been doing it for a few months now and I have learned so many new dives just in a short amount of time. I have also done my first meets and they are so much fun.


My 2017 Resolutions:

  • Travel more. I want to travel a lot this year it may not happen because I’m only a teen but, I want to try.
  • Tone my body. I already workout a little bit but, I am losing my strength from gymnastics and I want to get it back.
  • Take more pictures. I love taking pictures and I want to take more of them to remember more things and I just love to edit pictures and love the experience of taking them.
  • I want to start writing in my journal again. I love writing in my journal and I have been watching so many videos on how to bullet journal and how to do that. So, I am really excited to start writing in my journal again.
  • I want to blog way more than I already am. I love to blog and I want to inspire more of you and I feel like I can reach out to lots of people and this is just one way to inspire people and, I love to inspire people so I would love to blog more.


So those were my resolutions for 2017 and my top 5 best memories of 2016. Hope you guys get inspiration out of this and, I challenge all of you guys to at least make one resolution that you think that you cant do but, I promise if you out your mind to it, you can do anything.


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