My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist | Blogmas 2016

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hey Guys and Welcome to Day 3 of Blogmas! I hope you guys enjoyed the first 2 blog posts that are up!

Today I am going to talk about my wishlist for my Birthday or Christmas. I’m including my birthday because my birthday is December 13th.

I know that Christmas isn’t about presents but, everyone is asking what I want and what would you buy and things like that. So, lets talk about what I want for Christmas/Birthday.

1.) Fuzzy/Cabin/Pattern socks. I want this because my feet are always super cold and my floor in my room is wood so my feet are always cold.

2.) Polaroid Camera Bag. I want this because I always bring my Polaroid on vacation. I always want to bring it everywhere so I can take pictures and remember the memories. So this is probably the main thing I want.

3.) DLSR Camera. I have been wanting this for such a long time. I love taking pictures except i only have a Polaroid and the film is SO EXPENSIVE! So, having a DLSR Camera will help me with that even though they are expensive.

4.) Bath Bombs or anything Lush. I want this because I have been getting really into bathes but, it makes it so much more fun with colorful water.

5.) Nail Polish. I want this because I love to do my nails and I love trying new colors. So, I always want nail polish.

6.) White high-top Converse. I have always wanted white high-top converse because they go with everything and you can literally wear them with everything and they are just so cute.

7.) HP Sprocket. I want this because you can print pictures off of your phone immediately with the app (which is free). So, I would love to have this as a present.

8.) An eye shadow palette. I would love a Tarte Palette or a Two Faced Palette. I think all their palettes are so pretty and the colors look so good.

And that was the last thing on my list. It’s not that much because they are pretty expensive and I just dont want that many things. I am also really proud of myself for actually making a list because I never do that ahhaha.

I hope you guys liked day 3 and come back tomorrow because tomorrow’s blog post is going to be amazing!!


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