5 Last-Minute Gifts for Teen Girls | Blogmas 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

Welcome to day 2 of BLOGMAS! I hope you guys enjoyed day 1 because I’M ON A ROLL! Sorry I’m just really bad at staying on top of things. So, I am really excited that I’m actually staying on top of this and not getting behind.

Today I am going to talk about 5 Last-minute gifts for Teen Girls. All of these things I would love to get for Christmas but, these are just some last minute things. I know it’s early but, if your late on getting gifts you look at old blog posts. There will also be links to everything. It may not be the exact same thing but, it will be close.

The first thing that a girl would love is makeup. Some great makeup things to give is lipstick (or the oh so popular liquid lipstick). She might also like a eye shadow or makeup palette . Another thing that she might want is a contour stick or even a palette. And since having “on fleek” brows is a thing you can get her brow pencils or brow anything. Makeup is a good option because every girl could use some. I’m not saying that girls are ugly just because, I know I like makeup and so does a lot of other girls I talk to.


The second thing is socks. Any kind of socks will do. In this picture, I have fuzzy socks from H&M, Cabin Socks (yes, there is a difference between them, and fuzzy socks) from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and mid-calf socks with santas and peppermints on them that I got for my birthday but here is a link to similar socks. Socks are a great option because everyone’s feet gets cold and there just soo cute.


Another present is nail polish. Now not every girl would want this but a lot of people like to paint their nails. Some good colors for winter or Christmas are burgundy colors, pupley-blue colors, golds, or sparkly colors. You can pretty much get nail polish anywhere so, I’m not going to tell you where to get them but, I linked where to get those colors and where i got the colors in the picture but, you can get nail polish at Target, Walgreens, CVS, or any drug store.


The fourth gift you can get is perfume. Now perfume can range in prices from all the way to $5-as high as you want. This is a great present because you can get perfume from drugstores or the mall (again depending on the price). Some great places are Bath and Body WorksNordstrom because they literally have every scent imagined, and drugstores (i know right, surprising but, they really do).


The last idea is lotion. Some great scents are fruity, minty, spiced, or sugary scents.  Some great places are Bath and Body Works, Lush, or The Body Shop if you want higher end products but, if you are in a rush the drug store! Lotion is great because it is so easy to get but, its nice and you can pair it up with bath bombs and Epsom salt and make it like a spa present.


I hope this really helped you to pick out presents for your daughter, girlfriend, grandma, or any lady in your life.

I hope you guys enjoyed day 2 of Blogmas and keep coming back everyday for more!


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