Bike Ride at Sunset

Sunday, February  21, 2016

Today mom woke me up and told me there was donuts down stairs. I looked outside and could see the was out but, didn’t look at my phone. I got out of my warm bed and hurried downstairs to snatch a donut for myself before my brothers could take any. After I ate and, my tummy was full, I went back upstairs to look at my phone. I looked at the weather and it said a high of 54 degrees. After looking at the weather went onto snapchat, instagram, and pinterest to look what was happening on other people’s life. I then noticed the time. It was only 7:51 am, and that meant I had to have been up for about 20 minutes. I could not believe that my mom managed to get me up at about 7:30 am.

I then wanted to take a shower. So, I turned on the water, and took off my clothes. I jumped into the shower, and immediately jumped right back out. Apparently, I was the last one to take a shower for the day so the water was ice cold. I then decided I will just take a shower after I get back from church. So, I put on my robe and picked out my church clothes, and put them on. We then left because everyone was waiting for me.

When we got back from church I then finally took a shower. The water was warm and nice dripping down on my bare skin. After I was done I turned off the water and got out. I put on some comfy clothes because I knew we weren’t going anywhere.

After I was done putting on my clothes I went downstairs to help make lunch. After we had made and ate lunch I went outside and rode my pink and blue beach cruiser bike around my neighborhood. I came back and went to my little brother’s fort. I found him there swing on one of the vines from the trees. We then fixed a little bit of the fort that was made with sticks.

After I got bored from doing that I went back inside and uploaded my new video for the week. It was, “5 Ways to get Healthy for Spring Break” and, I thought that I did a really good job on editing the video. After that was done I then watched my daily dose of youtube videos in my subscription box. I then got bored because all of the videos were gone and decided to make this blog. I edited the page the way I liked it and made it perfect.

By that time it was close to sun down I almost forgot that my brother and I made a promise that we were going to go on a bike ride to watch the beautiful sunset. After it was over we went home, and dinner was already.I was really hungry and tired from the bike ride so, I was stuffed by the end of dinner.

After dinner was done the men of the house watched a movie and I helped my mom make burp cloths and blankets for my aunt’s new baby that was on the way. It was pretty  late after we finished for the day. So, I went up  stairs and laid out clothes for the next day for school. I then checked youtube again and saw there was no new videos so I turned to hulu. I started watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” but, fell asleep. So, I never finished the episode.

That was my amazing wonderful day that I had and thought that it was amazing. It was jammed packed but, I had a lot of fun.



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